Installation Services

  • We can provide you with knowledgeable, professional and friendly advice.
  • Specialise in the supply and fit of twin wall insulated flue systmes.
  • Wood burning stove advice & installation
  • Fireplace alterations & specification
  • Grade 904 or 316 stainless steel flexible chimney flue liner.
  • Bespoke fabrication of closure plate.
  • Supply and fit ventilation.
  • Supply and fit carbon monoxide alarms to required British standard.
  • HETAS certificate supplied of competence and chimney notice plate fitted.
  • To light stove, test and demonstrate.

No Chimney... No Problem.

Even if you do not have a chimney, you could still have a wood burning stove fitted. You would require a twin wall chimney system which is a stainless steel flue surrounded by insulation and finished with an outer skin of stainless steel. We can fit this through external walls up the outside of your property or inside through ceilings (and can also be boxed in).

Why have A Stove

Multi fuel Stoves

Multi fuel / wood burning stoves are a very popular means of heating your home, either as a primary or secondary source of heat. With gas and electric prices rising, a stove can be an economical or useful addition to your central heating. You can also say goodbye to having a freezing cold house in a mid-winter power cut!
Complete your home with a stove to provide you with warmth and enhance your lifestyle!
Today we are becoming increasingly aware of the impact we make on the environment, more and more people are turning to wood as the ecologically friendly fuel of the future. Wood is carbon neutral and environmentally friendly renewable resource; this makes a wood burning stove an informed and eco-friendly choice.
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